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Hundreds of thousands of people in Peshawar, Pakistan do not have access to safe clean water. You can gift a community with a deep hand pump water well for only £150!

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“We made from water every living thing…” (Qur’an 21:30)


Water is essential to life. Clean water is vital for drinking, growing food and keeping clean. A person can only survive on average three days without water, and if the water they have is dirty and contaminated, fatal diseases spread quickly and the effects are devastating.

While the media focuses on wars and conflict, lack of clean water is silently killing one child every single minute. The statistics are truly shocking; nearly 800 million people have no access to clean water, while a woman in Africa walks an average of 6km a day to fetch clean water.

The problem isn’t going away – it’s only getting worse as climate change causes more and more droughts, leaving large areas of land dry and arid. Rich countries do the most to cause climate change, but it’s the poor countries that suffer. This simply cannot go on; it’s time for change.


You can change their world


Our team are constructing deep hand pump water wells throughout the Peshawar region of Pakistan. To date we have installed over eighty water wells providing clean water for thousands of people.

The cost of a water well in Peshawar, Pakistan is only £150! There really is no reason why anyone in the world should not have access to safe clean drinking water.

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