In January of 2011, anti government protesters took to the streets of Syria, calling for change and reform. The government of Syria responded to the peaceful demonstrations with excessive force, killing thousands of protesters and injuring many more.


Four years later, the situation had escalated into a brutal war which had affected over twelve million people, of which half are known to be children. The number of children forced to flee Syria had reached over one million, a further two million had been displaced within Syria and tens of thousands of children had been orphaned.


At Olive Grove Foundation, we believe every child deserves a safe, happy and healthy childhood and the opportunity to build for a brighter future.


Our orphan support team responded to the crisis by launching a campaign in the UK in a bid to raise funds to sponsor fifteen orphans both inside Syria and in neighboring countries.


The sponsorship program would see to all the needs of each orphan, from food, clothing and shelter to medical care and education, until the orphan reaches adulthood.


Working alongside a Turkish NGO, our orphan support team reviewed the situation of several orphans inside Syria and some living across the border in Turkey.


Fifteen orphans were selected for sponsorship and funds were transferred to our partner organisation in Turkey who will provide each orphan with a monthly financial grant of twenty five pounds and will oversee all aspects of the care of the orphans.


Breakdown of project cost: Orphan Sponsorship, Syria, July 2015

Item/Service Unit cost (GBP) Quantity Total cost (GBP)
Financial grant £300.00 15 £4,500.00
Total £4,500.00

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