Goal: £ 10,000 GBP
Already raised: £ 8,324 GBP

Lebanon has witnessed a historical disaster. At least 135 killed, 5,000 wounded & hundreds of thousands displaced. We are on the ground delivering food, medicine, shelter, financial support & assisting with the decontamination.

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Already suffering; the situation is now beyond dire


Even before the huge explosion which sent shockwaves through Beirut and around the world, the people of Lebanon were living in dire circumstances. A fluctuation in the currency almost collapsed the economy and left a large percentage of the population unable to afford basic food items.


The explosion close to the port of Beirut caused the death of at least 135 people, seriously injured over 5,000 people, rendered hundreds of thousands homeless and has destroyed the port which is the main entry point of food for Lebanon; tens of thousands of tonnes of grain reserves were destroyed in the explosion leaving the country extremely vulnerable to food insecurity.



Help rebuild lives & infrastructure


Olive Grove Foundation’s emergency relief team are on the ground in Beirut helping to transport the injured to hospitals, providing food, water, medicine and shelter to those worst affected and are also assisting in the clean up operation.

You can support our effort by sponsoring the following aid packages:


Early Recovery

*Salty Snacks£3.50 per pack (minimum of 3,000 packs must be purchased at a time).

*Cleaning/Decontamination £2,000 for the rent & hire of 3 large pickups with 20 workers.


*Food Parcels£25 per parcel.

*Bread Distribution£1 per loaf.


Humanitarian Assistance

*Medication – £15 per pack (minimum of 2,000 pacs to be purchased at a time).

*Cash Support£80 ($100 per family).


Final Recovery

*Temporary Shelter£50

100% Donation policy