Decades of conflict have left over 1.1 million Somalis displaced within their own country, and almost a million as refugees in neighboring countries. High food prices, combined with frequent droughts and floods have compounded poverty and continue to threaten livelihoods.


Somalia has an estimated population of 12 million. About 12 million Somalis are poor across multiple dimensions (health, education, standard of living). Overall, 73 percent of Somalis live on US$2 per day.


Due to decades of conflicts there are a high number of widows and orphans in Somalia, which is frequently ranked as one of the worst places to live as a woman, due to maternal health, child mortality education and levels of women’s income and political status.


In August of 2015, we set out to help rebuild the impoverished region by creating opportunities that empower widows through projects which would make them self-sufficient and independent.


We decided to provide widows who were living in impoverished conditions in Somalia with income generating businesses along with training and support to run them, so that they could care for themselves and their orphaned children without having to rely on handouts.


With the help of a local NGO, we prepared a list of widows who were struggling to subsist. Priority was given to those most in need and a total of fifteen widows were selected to receive income generating businesses.


The micro businesses consisted of five milking cows and ten micro chicken farms; each chicken farm is made up of twenty chickens and a poultry house.


The widows were given training and will receive ongoing support.


Breakdown of project cost: Income Generation, Somalia, August 2015

Item             Unit cost (GBP) No. of items Total cost (GBP)
Milking cows £493.61 5 £2,468.05
Chicken farms £437.195 10 £4,371.95
Total £6,840.00

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