Lost childhood

According to the United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF):


“Children make up more than half of the 1.4 million residents of the Gaza Strip in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.”


“Conditions have rarely been worse for Palestinian children.”


Gaza’s children are the inheritors of the world’s longest-running conflict; they are often called the ‘lost generation’ as they have been robbed of the tools and structures by which to develop a normal life.

Support for the children of Palestine

In March of 2011, we embarked on a project aimed at putting  a smile on the faces of orphans in Gaza, Palestine.


A campaign was launched in the UK to raise funds to provide five hundred orphans with a brand new set of clothes and shoes.

What we did

Our team oversaw all aspects of the project such as purchasing, packing and distribution of clothes and shoes to the orphans.


With the help of local NGO’s, a team compiled a list of orphaned boys and girls, giving priority to the most deserving. The locations for distribution of the clothes and shoes were decided. A committee was formed to observe and evaluate quotations received from different clothing companies.


Good quality clothes and shoes were purchased and distributed to five hundred orphaned boys and girls.


Breakdown of project cost: Clothe a Child, Gaza, Palestine, March 2011

Item             Unit cost (GBP) No. of items Total cost (GBP)
Pants £12.30 500 £6,150.00
Shirt £8.40 500 £4,200.00
Shoes £13.00 500 £6,500.00
Total £33.70 500 £16,850.00

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