In the eastern neighborhoods of the city of Aleppo, more than thirteen neighborhoods faced a war of extermination, especially after the Syrian regime dominated Alcastelo road which was the only humanitarian crossing to bring humanitarian aid to the city and to the neighborhoods not under the control of the regime.


The regime deprived these neighborhoods of all humanitarian assistance and began shelling residential neighborhoods and hospitals, and went to the extent of using toxic chlorine gases in the bombing of civilians. This, according to official statistics from the Medicine Legitimate Civilian Aleppo Office, led to the death of 1,003 people during the month of November 2016 and the wounding of thousands who eventually died due to the inability of the medical centers to provide treatment for them and not being able to leave the besieged areas.


A tightening embargo, lack of food, water and health supplies, along with intensified shelling, led to civilians being trapped in a very small area of Aleppo. After more than eight months of being under siege and heavy shelling, a large number of civilians could no longer withstand the difficult conditions they were faced with, especially after enduring large numbers of human losses.


An agreement was reached between opposition groups and the regime for an internationally sponsored evacuation of civilians to northern Syria; to Idlib, Sarmada, western rural Aleppo and the rural province of Azaz. Approximately 50,000 people were to be evacuated, all of whom would be in urgent need of all living requirements, especially in light of the cold winter and the heavy rains.


With the help of our partner organisation from Turkey who helped to negotiate the evacuation of civilians from the besieged areas of Aleppo, we purchased and erected thirteen large emergency winter tents which would house families fleeing the violence.


Breakdown of project cost: Emergency Shelter, Syria, January 2017

Item             Unit cost (GBP) No. of items Total cost (GBP)
Winter tent £275.00 13 £3,575.00
Total £3,575.00

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