In January 2011, anti-government protesters took to the streets of Syria, calling for change and reform. The government of Syria responded to the peaceful demonstrations with excessive force, killing thousands of protesters and injuring many more. The Syrian army laid siege on the cities of Daraa, Baniyas, Hama, Homs, Talkalakh, Latakia, the Midan and Duma districts of Damascus and several other towns. With protests growing across Syria, there was growing instability in the region.


Almost four years later over ten million people have been affected by what became a full blown civil war; half of those affected are known to be children. The need for food in particular has exacerbated due to widespread displacement, a reduction in agricultural production, disruption of markets and transportation and destruction of infrastructure like mills and bakeries. According to the World Food Program, more than 6.3 million people within Syria require emergency food assistance. The crisis of food insecurity within the region has reached an unprecedented level.


Having supported the people of Syria since the beginning of the crisis, we embarked on a project aimed at providing thousands of the most destitute families within the region with food.


A campaign was launched in the UK to raise funds for a container of 25,000 kilos of rice to be delivered to families struggling to find food in Syria.


With the help of a Turkish NGO, our hunger, food and nutrition team compiled a list of some of the most deprived families living in Idlib, Aleppo and Lattakia.


13,875 kilos of rice was prepared and delivered to the northern, eastern and western areas of Idlib, 1,125 kilos of rice was delivered to western Aleppo and 10,000 kilos of rice was delivered to Northern Lattakia.


Breakdown of project cost: Emergency Relief, Syria, October 2014

Item             Unit cost (GBP) No. of items Total cost (GBP)
25kg bag of rice £14.69.178 1,000 £14,691.78
Transportation Added to unit cost
Total £14,691.78

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