In January of 2011, anti government protesters took to the streets of Syria, calling for change and reform. The government of Syria responded to the peaceful demonstrations with excessive force, killing thousands of protesters and injuring many more.


Almost five years later, the situation had escalated into a brutal war which had affected over twelve million people, of which half are known to be children. The number of children forced to flee Syria had reached over one million, a further two million had been displaced within Syria and tens of thousands of children had been orphaned.



The devastating war in Syria caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, the displacement of millions of people and led to a widespread lack of shelter, clothing, medicine, food and water.


Having implemented several aid projects ranging from medical aid to orphan sponsorship, our team decided to focus on the needs of displaced children living in Syria.


We set out to provide orphans with parcels aimed at bringing a little joy to their lives, break their daily routine and to help them forget the everyday struggles they faced for at least a short while.


With the help of one of our partner organisations on the ground in Syria we compiled a list of orphans living in Aleppo and Kilis. Items for the children’s food parcels were purchased and a total of five hundred and ten parcels were prepared.


Hraytan, Anadan, Hayyan, Azaz, Marea and Tel Rafgat, all areas of Aleppo received seventy seven parcels each, while the remaining forty eight parcels were gifted to orphans in Kilis, Turkey.


Breakdown of project cost: Children in Need, Syria, November 2015

Item             Unit cost (GBP) No. of items Total cost (GBP)
Candies £1.50 510 £765.00
Chocolate biscuits £1.17 510 £596.70
Chocolate wafer £0.65 510 £331.50
Chocolate spread £1.15 510 £586.50
Cream biscuit £0.23 510 £117.30
Sesame stick crackers £0.50 510 £255.00
Cracker sticks £0.40 510 £204.00
Wafers £0.90 510 £459.00
Tooth brush £0.38 510 £193.80
Tooth paste £0.25 510 £127.50
Packaging & delivery £0.71* 510 £360.08
Total £7.84* £3,996.38

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