Small gift from you big difference



Service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth


Olive Grove Foundation is a charitable organisation established to provide a brighter future for people affected by poverty, wars or natural disasters anywhere in the world.


Our mission is to eradicate poverty and hardship around the globe by providing communities with the ability to live a self-sufficient, comfortable and serene life.


Olive Grove Foundation focuses on a pragmatic approach to projects & charitable work, by being on the ground, helping people directly throughout the seasons.



See the world through the eyes of the oppressed and you will see a reason to change it


Olive Grove Foundation was established in May of 2011 by a group of volunteers who aimed to improve the lives of impoverished communities around the world.


In just over six years, with your support we have been able to implement one hundred and six charitable projects in twenty two countries, benefiting hundreds of thousands of people. You can see exactly what we have done to date by clicking here.

100% donation policy


Every penny you donate works for a better tomorrow.


One hundred pennies out of every pound donated to Olive Grove Foundation are sent to those in need in the form of aid, grants and services. Not a single penny from donations is used for admin by Olive Grove Foundation.


All of our admin costs are covered through Gift Aid reclaimed on eligible donations, by the trustees, through the collection and sale of used goods and through the collection and recycling of various materials.

Our Volunteers

Nice to meet you!

Fundraising Manager

Asiya joined us in late 2015. She is our fundraising and events manager and is always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to raise funds.

Logistics Manager

Sa’ad is our logistics manager. He is at the forefront of any logistical challenge we are faced with and more often that not wins via knockout!

Marketing Manager

Maryam is a creative genius! She takes care of our website, social media and marketing material.

Warehouse Manager

Our warehouse manager Waqas is a true modern day superhero! He sees to it that your donated goods are in good shape, organised and displayed in the best possible way.

Volunteer Coordinator

Jimmy joined our team in 2014 and has played an invaluable role as our volunteers coordinator. He manages and takes care of all our part time volunteers.

Finance Manager

Khadija is a qualified accountant and kindly acts as our finance manager. She takes care of our accounts and keeps a track of all your generous donations.

Public Relations Officer

As someone who is always smiling, Balli is perfectly suited to his role as our public relations officer, he focuses on building new relationships with organisations and individuals around the world.

Project Manager

Muhammad has been with us since our inception in May of 2011. He manages and oversees the implementation of our projects on the ground.

100% Donation policy